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They're more than just a pet, they are family

We understand that you aren't simply a pet owner but a friend. We also know you have some difficult decisions to make when a loyal friend passes and we want to help. One of the things you need to decide is how to care for your pet's physical remains. While it often seems natural to bury you pet in your backyard, there are many regulations that restrict this.

3 Distinct Cremation Services

Pet cremation is becoming more popular in Houston and its surrounding communities. It is both humane and economical, making it a good choice for most people. Fond Memories has three distinct pet cremation services to choose from, giving you various choices to honor your pet. With individual cremation we only cremate one pet at a time so we can return the ashes to you. We also offer communal cremation where we carefully lay the ashes to rest for you.

With individual cremation our customers are able to pick from one of our complimentary urns, or possibly choose one of our specialty urns to memorialize their four footed family member.

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Private Cremation

Our private cremation is only one pet at a time, ensuring that you receive only your pet's ashes back. We return the ashes in either one of our complimentary urns, or give you the choice of purchasing a specialty urn, with the option of custom engraving.

NOTICE: Other crematories may practice partitioned cremation and call it "prvivate cremation" where several pets share the same cremation chamber. Sometimes pets are separated with moveable firebricks, but not always. The ashes of pets may combine during the process of partitioned cremation. Fond Memories does NOT practice partitioned cremation.

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Witnessed Memorial Cremation

If you wish for a small memorial service and to be present during cremation, we offer a memorial cremation. This type of service gives you privacy and closure for the loss of your pet. As with private cremation, we handle your pet individually. We return your pet to you in either a complimentary urn, or your choice of purchasing a specialty urn, with the option of special engraving.

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Communal Cremation

This pet cremation service is communal and involves the cremation of multiple pets together. Since we cannot return the ashes to you we find a final resting place for your pet within the memorial grounds of Fond Memories, in accordance with TCEQ laws. To honor your beloved friend you may purchase a paw-print keepsake.

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Guided with dignity and kindness

With care, the team at Fond Memories will help you manage this difficult time by guiding you through the process, making it peaceful and more bearable. We treat your pet with love and respect, the same as we would with one of our own pets, no matter which pet cremation service you choose.

Please contact our offices with any questions or to schedule a cremation.

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