Pet Cemetery
Gravestone for a pet dog named Chucky at Fond Memories Pet Cemetery in Conroe, TX. The gravestone is a dark slate color with white text and a greyscale image of Chucky. The gravestone reads "We can hope we shall see each other again. In that place where there is only love and no shadows fall. You have ouched our very being... Forever loved, Mommy & Daddy".

"Your pet was a loyal friend until the end" - we help you honor such loyalty

Just as we lean on family and friends for support and hold ceremonies for closure, there are much the same needs when we lose a cherished pet. A pet funeral allows you to bring everyone together, remembering and honoring your pets' most fond memories, their love and their loyalty to your family.

View of hundreds of bouquets of flowers over the gravestones of lost pets at Fond Memories Pet Cemetery in Conroe, TX. Some gravestones stand up, including a large heart for a lost pet named Ariel, and a large Chinese guardian lion. close up of a bouque of orange and yellow flowers at Fond Memories Pet Cemetery. The depth of field in the image shows a blurred view of many other bouquets over the gravestones at the cemetery grounds. Close up of flowers blossoming on a tree at the Fond Memories Pet Cemetery grounds. The blue sky can be seen through the canopy of the tree.

Private Burial

With a private pet burial, you can choose an individual space for your pet or our team can choose one for you. Fond Memories keeps accurate records of burials, with a pet cemetery designed much like a human cemetery, laid out by rows and sections in individual 2x3' spaces. We offer both caskets and a variety of monuments that we maintain year–round with seasonal flowers. However we urge you to visit our pet cemetery and bring your own flowers as often as you wish.

We can also assist you on exploring the many options for your pet burial, unique ways to memorialize your companion with a meaningful wake and graveside service.

Please call us today or stop by and visit our beautiful and peaceful grounds located in Conroe Texas.

Can I bury at home?

While it's common for pet owners to want to bury pets in their own backyard, state laws and some HOA's often don't allow this. Then what happens if you move away? Often pet owners are forced to remove their pets' remains in order to sell their home. For these reasons, a home burial may not be the best option.

At Fond Memories in Conroe, Texas, we can insure your pet remains undisturbed and cared for no matter where life leads you. Find comfort knowing your pets memory is preserved and that we always welcome you to come visit and honor your pet anytime.

If you'd like to make arrangements for a burial service or would like more information about our cemetery or other services, we invite you to visit us at 1102 S 7th St, in Conroe Texas or call us today, we're happy to answer any questions you may have.

A closeup of a gravestone for Jasmine (b. 1994 - d. 2006). The gravestone reads "Love is Patient. Love is Kind..." and is located at Fond Memories Pet Cemetery in Conroe, TX. Several leaves have fallen from the trees and rest on the gravestone. A birdhouse among feather-like plants at the Fond Memories Pet Cemetery Grounds.

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